I’ve been on a hunt lately to find a new laptop for work to replace my 4yr old Dell Latitude E6400. There have been a slew of new models available from various manufacturers, but being an IT professional, I had some specific requirements.

Some basic requirements are:
– Built-in Ethernet port
– Backlit keyboard
– SSD hard drive
– Windows 7 Pro or better
– Reputable brand name
– Upgradable RAM
– 14″ screen
– Lightweight

I had this narrowed down to a few models, but none fit the bill exactly:
– HP Spectre
– HP Envy
– Dell XPS 14
– Samsung Series 9
– Samsung Series 5

Something was missing from almost each one. Whether it was RAM that couldn’t be upgraded, no SSD, too heavy – you name it.

I finally came across the HP Envy 14t-3000 Spectre:
– Windows 7 Ultimate
– 8gb RAM
– 256gb SSD
– 14″ screen
– Backlit keyboard
– Built-in Ethernet
– 3.98lbs!

More details: http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Laptops/HP-ENVY/B2H09AV?HP-ENVY-14t-3100-SPECTRE-Notebook-PC

Once I get the approval to generously accept my employer to purchase it for me (LOL), I will be saving that link and hoping it doesn’t go “Discontinued” in the meantime!

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