At my previous job, and last June at my current job, we integrated an all-in-one IT package called Track-It, by Numara. Some basic features of this program include:

  • Asset tracking
  • Helpdesk
  • Purchasing
  • Searchable knowledgebase
  • Reporting (w/ the help of Crystal Reports)

┬áThe module that has helped our department (here) the most is the Helpdesk feature. An email address is assigned to the software which the end users send their requests to. A web interface is also available, which is more robust (more on that later). Within a scheduled time frame, the requestor receives a conformation email from the Helpdesk system with their work order number and other customizable information. Once the request is in the Helpdesk system, the ticket is assigned to the appropriate technician. After the request has been completed, said technician will “complete” the work order with the details of the resolution, and the requestor will receive yet another email with that information. Additional features with the web interface include:

  • Reviewing previous requests
  • End-user ability to complete their own requests (the problem fixed itself, etc.)
  • Searching the knowledgebase

The asset tracking (Inventory) module allows IT staff to audit and manage their inventory more effectively. As computers/servers are auditted, those records are merged into the database, which then that information can be used for a number of tasks – reporting, software tracking, corporate auditing, etc. As long as the database is properly maintaned (running monthly audits) you will always have a centralized view of all of your company’s assets.

Perhaps a module that doesn’t receive much attention is the Purchasing feature. This part of the software allows you to create PO’s (Purchase Orders), track when items are ordered and received, and apply those items as assets to end-user’s accounts. Just the same as the Inventory module, if this is kept up to date and maintained properly, it becomes very simple to see who has what hardware and/or software being purchased for them.

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