Looking through the latest Global Knowledge course catalog that I just received, I noticed Cisco is changing the CCSP program. It’s a much more simplified concept, but it sucks for people (like me) who are mid-way through it. If you don’t complete the current model of CCSP by April 28, 2011, you will forfeit those completed classes and exams!

I have two exams to take from the two recent classes I attended, but it will be wasted if I can’t complete the fourth and final class before the program changes. I may have to push through and take the fourth class (or at least the test) before the end of April. That way I get the CCSP before Cisco changes it all.

You too can check out this nifty tool from GK (Global Knowledge) to help you figure out the changes coming for CCSP: http://tinyurl.com/2b33kvn

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