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The Apple Integrated Home Life

I just picked up a new Airport Time Capsule from Apple to replace my old Linksys wifi router. The time capsule will also provide back-up’s for my MacBook Air. Add in my two iPhone’s (work and personal), and things are set up pretty nicely. I didn’t opt for the Apple TV (got the Ruko 3 instead), so that’s it for now as far as Apple products go. The time capsule software is running now, and it’s slick. On top of it, the Airport itself couldn’t have been simpler to set up. Gotta hand it to Apple with their devices. They are making set-up’s easy, and setting a new standard for all other manufacturers who claim “easy set-up”.

I Hate New Mobile Phones

No, really, I do. The technology is awesome and I love getting my hands on a new mobile smartphone, but I hate setting them up from scratch. Apps, settings, shortcuts, contacts, ringtones, wallpapers, email accounts, and all other kinds of tweaks. It’s a pain, but sometimes, unavoidable. It does provide the opportunity to clean up (read as, not restore) things you just don’t care about anymore – apps, contacts, ringtones… You get the idea.

Google Voice Search vs Apple Siri, Part 1

Found this head-to-head video between Google Voice Search and Apple Siri on Redmond Pie. Some of the results are pretty amazing! Especially how Google Voice Search shows you on the screen what you are asking/saying. It’s a quick and fast confirmation the phone heard your words properly. I’ve downloaded the app, and I’ll give it a shot later today and test it for myself.

Link to Redmond Pie review:

12 Tips To Become A Better Smartphone Photographer

Came across an easy, fast read for better photography on your smartphone. Have a look. It’s a fast read, promise!

Citrix and Mobile Phones

With Citrix becoming more and more prevalent in the work-place, their product support to run on mobile devices is coming just as fast. However, trying to use an application through Citrix that is designed for a computer (full size monitor, keyboard, etc), it makes using those applications on a mobile phone very difficult. Finger gestures, “right-click” options, and the overall application experience on a mobile device that is not optimized for mobile viewing makes it very difficult to use. Even when using a tablet such as an iPad or Android, the added screen real estate helps, but there are still limitations and end-user frustrations. Many tablets offer full keyboard and mice accessories, which dramatically helps.

World Traveler, World Phones

If you’re a frequent world traveler, you may want to consider purchasing a phone with global capabilities. This will allow you to stay in touch with friends, family, and work. So if you’re not committed to a wireless carrier and want to check out a few different options, check out the link below. And if you are tied to a carrier, head over to their website and see what they have. Unfortunately Verizon Wireless doesn’t have the most impressive line of global phones, such as their iPhone, but they are making progress.;txt

Android & Cisco VPN AnyConnect – Part 1

Cisco is finally seeing the light when it comes to VPN support for Android’s. You may wonder why you would want VPN access from your Android device. Having VPN access from a mobile device means you can access basically access any company resource remotely¬†(like a privately hosted Citrix environment, Windows Active Directory resources, Remote Desktop, VNC, etc). This is very handy for the typical network/system administrator or road-warrior.

So how do you get started?

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Personal Tech Disasters

Watching this Top 5 video on today made me laugh out loud! I laughed because it’s true. You need to be conscious of your online postings, both manual and automatic. Watch and learn!

How-To & Review: Google Cloud Printing

In the age of high-tech mobile devices bringing everything to you from streaming video, to email, to Angry Birds, and so on from the touch of your finger tips, we still sometimes have to rely on “ol’ fashioned” desk-top style hardware. Sometimes you need a large monitor, more processing power, or just that full QWERTY physical keyboard. Let’s no forget printers! Yes, people still do print from time to time, even in this age of soft-copies and electronic forms. So what do you do when you’re on the road and need to print something (lets say to your office) from your mobile device and you just don’t have the time/means to email it? You need a cloud printing solution, and you want it to be printer-model agnostic.

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iPhone on Verizon – Yes, It’s Here

No need to reinvent the wheel here. We all know by now the iPhone has come to Verizon, and cnet has their official review here:


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