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Cisco Live 2013, Maybe Next Year

Each year in June, Cisco holds their annual geek-dom for conferences, lectures, labs, you name it. Each year I try to get myself sponsored via my job, but unfortunately it doesn’t work out. This year I may not even try because I am having ACL surgery in April and recovery by that time will be tough.

There’s always next year…

Google Voice Search vs Apple Siri, Part 1

Found this head-to-head video between Google Voice Search and Apple Siri on Redmond Pie. Some of the results are pretty amazing! Especially how Google Voice Search shows you on the screen what you are asking/saying. It’s a quick and fast confirmation the phone heard your words properly. I’ve downloaded the app, and I’ll give it a shot later today and test it for myself.

Link to Redmond Pie review:

Hack Chrome, Win $60k!

This is what I love about Google. They put out a hit on their own Internet browser to the tune of $60,000 to help make their browser safe. And once the exploit was found, the patch was made and updates sent out within 10 hours. Now that’s how you keep protected! Read more here: cnet link

12 Tips To Become A Better Smartphone Photographer

Came across an easy, fast read for better photography on your smartphone. Have a look. It’s a fast read, promise!

Ultrabook Laptops For IT Professionals

I’ve been on a hunt lately to find a new laptop for work to replace my 4yr old Dell Latitude E6400. There have been a slew of new models available from various manufacturers, but being an IT professional, I had some specific requirements.
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Citrix and Mobile Phones

With Citrix becoming more and more prevalent in the work-place, their product support to run on mobile devices is coming just as fast. However, trying to use an application through Citrix that is designed for a computer (full size monitor, keyboard, etc), it makes using those applications on a mobile phone very difficult. Finger gestures, “right-click” options, and the overall application experience on a mobile device that is not optimized for mobile viewing makes it very difficult to use. Even when using a tablet such as an iPad or Android, the added screen real estate helps, but there are still limitations and end-user frustrations. Many tablets offer full keyboard and mice accessories, which dramatically helps.

Cisco Licensing, How To Apply An Upgrade

If you have ever upgraded a license on a Cisco device, you’ll know it’s not the hardest thing to do, but it’s not the easiest either. That was helpful, huh? Anyways, here’s a good article on what to do next after you purchase that license.

25 “Worst Passwords” of 2011 Revealed

If you find your password in this list, or something close to it, change your password immediately! Make sure you have symbols, special characters, and longer than 8 characters. Below is the link to see the top 25 passwords of the year.

Failed Cisco ASA 5505?!

In all my years, yes, I sound like an old man, but it is true, I have never encountered a bad piece of Cisco equipment, until today.
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World Traveler, World Phones

If you’re a frequent world traveler, you may want to consider purchasing a phone with global capabilities. This will allow you to stay in touch with friends, family, and work. So if you’re not committed to a wireless carrier and want to check out a few different options, check out the link below. And if you are tied to a carrier, head over to their website and see what they have. Unfortunately Verizon Wireless doesn’t have the most impressive line of global phones, such as their iPhone, but they are making progress.;txt

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