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Apple To Abandon Headphone Jack? Beats Deal Suddenly Makes Sense


Just yesterday, I was reading an article that had an image of the bottom-side of an iPhone, showing it’s headphone jack. I thought, “How can these devices be made any thinner if they are limited by the width of the headphone jack?”

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Airports and Delays

I hate connecting flights. My flight from Newark to Austin is via Chicago. The first leg, no problems. The second? Well that’s another story. Flight is delayed nearly two hours because United can’t find a First Officer. His flight into Chicago is delayed. And now begins the domino effect of problems and frustration. Oh well, this too shall pass! Luckily I’ve got plenty of electronics to keep me occupied, aside from some snacks and beverages.

Cisco Nexus 3000 and VTP

If you want to use VTP on a Cisco Nexus 3000 series switch, you can just forget it. They only support transparent mode. That’s only useful if you have a VTP server somewhere else. I don’t understand why Cisco doesn’t support server and client modes in the 3000 series, especially when they support SVI. It’s not a license issue either. Cisco TAC confirmed this all, and the engineer that I spoke with is just as confused by all of this. Moral of the story is, don’t use 3000 series switches as your core layer if you wish to have them manage VTP. Oh well, my loss is your gain.

CCNP Security, Half Way There!

Last Friday, I took the second of four tests to complete the CCNP Security certification. And I passed! Cisco is changing the tests on April 21 this year, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to cram in two more tests by then. I won’t lose any credit of what I’ve done so far, but all the testing material will become obsolete by then.

The Apple Integrated Home Life

I just picked up a new Airport Time Capsule from Apple to replace my old Linksys wifi router. The time capsule will also provide back-up’s for my MacBook Air. Add in my two iPhone’s (work and personal), and things are set up pretty nicely. I didn’t opt for the Apple TV (got the Ruko 3 instead), so that’s it for now as far as Apple products go. The time capsule software is running now, and it’s slick. On top of it, the Airport itself couldn’t have been simpler to set up. Gotta hand it to Apple with their devices. They are making set-up’s easy, and setting a new standard for all other manufacturers who claim “easy set-up”.

pwSafe & Dropbox

Access your hybrid cloud-based password database file anywhere! Works great in Apple iOS and Mac. Next is to set it up in Windows. You gain the security of Dropbox and a password-safe file without actually typing your passwords into an actual cloud based password-holding website.

The pwSafe program costs a couple dollars, but it’s well worth the cost.

I Hate New Mobile Phones

No, really, I do. The technology is awesome and I love getting my hands on a new mobile smartphone, but I hate setting them up from scratch. Apps, settings, shortcuts, contacts, ringtones, wallpapers, email accounts, and all other kinds of tweaks. It’s a pain, but sometimes, unavoidable. It does provide the opportunity to clean up (read as, not restore) things you just don’t care about anymore – apps, contacts, ringtones… You get the idea.

Where Does Old Tech Go To “Die”?

Look no further than here:

It’s so weird to see all of these old pieces of junk, I mean, technology just piled up together and taking up space. So the next time you wonder where your old Inkjet, flip phone, or CRT monitor ended up when you upgraded, it might have wound up in a tech graveyard!

CCNP Security – Test 1 of 4 Complete!

Yes that’s right, test 1 of 4 completed for my CCNP Security! The added bonus to taking this particular test was that it came with a mini-certification for IOS Security Specialist!

The Road To CCNP Security

It was nearly 3 years to the day that I completed CCNA Security. So coming down to the expiration, I had to prepare to retake a previous exam or move onward and upward with another exam and certification. Obviously it makes sense to go up. I prepared for the CCNP Security SECURE 642-637 exam and passed! Part 1 of 4 tests to take to get the CCNP Security. Here I come!

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