About a month ago, I switched from the Samsung Blackjack to the Blackberry 8130 Pearl (story here). At some point, a follow-up review would be necessary. I’ll try to make this as simple as possible.

New likes:

  • Discovering of Crackberry.com. Alright, so it’s not directly related to the phone, but they sell accessories and you can read through their forums.
  • Customized side-keys. Yes, I was not aware this could be done. By default, the right key is to activate the camera, and the left is to use voice-dialing. I changed the left to be the Keyboard lock. This is very useful in a variety of ways, especially since the keypad is always exposed (as opposed to a flip-phone).
  • Page-by-page scrolling. Maybe I would have discovered this one through reading the manual (HA!). If you hold down the up-down arrow and scroll with the wheel, you jump one page at a time instead of item by item.
  • Up-down arrow + ESC key brings up the “task manager”. This way you can see what programs are still running and draining down your battery.

New Dislikes:

  • Very rarely, the scroll wheel gets a little stuck. Nothing that rolling it in the opposite direction can’t fix, but it’s annoying sometimes.
  • Battery cover/door get’s a little loose. It has a little more side to side movement than when it were brand new.
  • Battery life has decreased slightly.
  • No Java support in the web browser!

 New Accessories:

  • Screen protector. Waste of money IMO. The screen looks like it has vertical lines, and the corner of the protector started to peel back. Retail price, $15.95
  • 6gb micro SD memory card. Store more pictures, videos, and music! Retail price, $35.
  • Single ear-bud/microphone handsfree adapter. I guess this would be useful if I bought the correct one for the phone. When I read the product description, “8100 Pearl” is listed. I guess that’s not the same for the 8130. Retail price, 4.95
  • 1250mAh extended life battery. Wow, this thing is great! It fits under the standard battery cover/door, and I have already seen a huge improvement in battery life! This battery is just a little thicker than the original one, which helps with keeping the battery door/cover tight again.  Barely any noticeable additional weight too. Retail price, $42.95

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